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Falke Shelina 12 Toeless Hold Ups

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Beautiful toeless, ultra-transparent 12 denier hold-ups with a subtle shimmer. They have the feeling of a lower denier to 12 making them a perfect choice for the warmer weather. Toeless hold ups are great to wear with your summer shoes. The open toes have a soft thong which goes between the big toe and the next toe along which enables you to wear thong type shoes and know your hold ups will stay in place.They have a narrow lace trim with a woven effect and silicone coating to prevent slipping.

  • 12 denier
  • Sheer toeless holdups with a sheer sandal toe
  • Highest quality, made in Germany
  • 50% nylon, 50% polyurethane
  • Ultra transparent
  • Narrow decorative lace top

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