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Tips for Wearing Hosiery in Summer

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Tips for Wearing Hosiery in Summer

Summer can be a struggle if your workplace requires (or at least expects) you to wear hosiery. Even when you’re free to choose, some of us simply don’t like to go bare-legged. And there are still plenty of positives to donning hosiery, even in those warmer months. For one thing, they’ll even out your skin tone and add a subtle flush of colour – it’s safer than sunbathing, and less messy than a fake tan. 

Then there are the practical benefits. The right tights can keep your feet from getting sweaty inside your shoes, and stop your legs sticking to chairs during those drawn-out meetings. They can prevent blisters too, and protect your pedicure from rubbing against your shoes and chipping. Plus, speaking of friction, hosiery can reduce that very worst of summer problems – painful thigh chafe.

But how do you wear hosiery in summer without overheating? Or without it being obvious you’ve got it on? Here are 9 tips to make choosing and wearing warm-weather hosiery a breeze:

Trasparenze Capri 8 Tights
Trasparenze Capri 8 Denier Tights

Low deniers

A lower denier number indicates a finer, lighter fabric, and generally a sheerer one too. If you choose hosiery in your skin tone with a denier of 5 to 10, it will barely be visible. And anything up to around 20 denier should be light enough to keep you cool.

Trasparenze Ambra TightTrasparenze Ambra Fishnet Tights

Fishnet and lace designs

Net and lace designs are, by their very nature, super breathable. And it doesn’t need to be an obvious, statement fishnet. The Trasparenze Ambra Fishnet Tightsand the Wolford Twenties Tights both have a much smaller, subtler diamond design that may even be office appropriate depending on the workplace culture.

Natural fibres

Natural fibres are almost always more breathable than man-made ones. Try swapping your existing hosiery for silk versions. If you want to wear hosiery that’s thicker, then bamboo, cotton, wool and cashmere are good alternatives to look out for.

Cotton and ouvert gussets

Regardless of what your tights are made out of, if it’s hot out then they should have a cotton, bamboo or silk gusset (that’s the bit at the crotch). Alternatively, an open crotch design (also called ouvert or simply crotchless) will keep the air flowing there.

Falke Shelina 12 Toeless Hold UpsFalke Shelina 12 Toeless Hold Ups

Toeless styles

Want to keep your hosiery inconspicuous, but planning to wear open-toe sandals? There’s a product for that! Toeless hosiery, also known as ‘sandal-toe’ hosiery, leaves this part bare so you don’t have to worry about a visible seam ruining your look.

Trasparenze Scandal Suspender Tights
Trasparenze Scandal Suspender Tights

Less coverage options

The hotter it gets, the fewer layers we want to wear. And it makes sense that stockings and hold-ups are going to keep you cooler than a pair of tights, simply because they cover less skin. Still prefer the ease and security of a pair of tights? Suspender tights are not just crotchless but fully open at the front and back, plus have side cut-outs too.

Gabriella Hipster TightsGabriella Hipster Tights

Hipster tights

Most tights hit on or just below the waist. This high-rise fit helps them to stay in place. However, it’s also possible to find hipster-rise tights which won’t show when you want to wear a top that’s cropped.

Staysput Hold Up GelStaysput Hold Up Gel

Give hold ups a helping hand

Have you ever had a hold-up roll down in public? I have, and it’s not an experience I fancy repeating! Hold-ups can lose their grip as they get old, but also when your legs are sweaty. Staysput gel helps to fix them more securely in place, without staining or irritating.

Reduce static

Hosiery plus floaty skirts and dresses plus dry, air-conditioned office air can mean only one thing: static cling. If you’re tired of pulling your skirt off your legs every five minutes, pop some dryer sheets, body lotion, hair spray or a spray bottle of very diluted fabric softener in your bag. Gently rubbing/spraying these onto your hosiery will stop it and your other clothing sticking together.

If you follow these tips, you can enjoy wearing chic hosiery all year round! What’s your go-to hosiery style or product during the warmer months?


by  Estelle Puleston

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