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Six Hosiery Brands That Will Make Your Legs Stand Out

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Six Hosiery Brands That Will Make Your Legs Stand Out

Bored by plain black stockings? Looking for a style that will make your legs the focal point of your outfit? For every person who loves a subtle, skin-tone sheer, there’s someone else craving pattern and vibrant colour. 

So if you’re in that second group, here are 6 hosiery brands you need to know about. From tattoo illusions to shimmering lace, there’s something below for every style:

Ballerina stockings, tights and hold ups


On the hunt for something striking yet graceful? Ballerina is a European brand that’s best known for its elaborate, baroque-inspired designs. I simply adore their intricate, swirling patterns, and many of them are made with lurex for eye-catching sparkle.

Manufactured by Studio Collants, Ballerina has been around since 1989 and lists its top three priorities as “comfort, elegance, and high quality”. Choose this brand when you want to add lashings of opulence and drama to a party outfit, or sophisticated glamour to a date-night look. 

View Ballerina Hosiery

Trasparenze tights 


One of my personal favourite hosiery brands, Trasparenze offers an impressive blend of bold design and great-value pricing. It’s made by one of the largest (yet still independently-owned) hosiery manufacturers in Italy, which also guarantees you’re buying quality.

Each season, they release a new fashion collection filled with unique styles, from on-trend patterns through to innovative takes on a classic fishnet. 

View Trasparenze Hosiery

 Wolford hold ups


If you haven’t heard of Wolford yet, you’re missing out. Launched in Austria in 1950, it’s widely regarded as being a leading hosiery brand worldwide, and is a firm favourite with celebrities. 

Some know it as a luxury label for those who want to invest in quality. Others know it as the place to go for unique, fashion-forward designs. Season after season, you can always rely on Wolford to design hosiery unlike anything that has gone before it!

View Wolford Hosiery

What Katie Did Stockings 

What Katie Did

What Katie Did is an independent, British lingerie brand that fulfils a particular niche in the hosiery industry – colourful seamed stockings. Inspired by the fashion of the 1950s, these are a fun twist on a quintessential vintage look (and are made with a modern, stretch knit for improved fit). The brand does have the basics too – black and shades of nude – but is especially beloved for its array of rainbow shades. 

What Katie Did make colours you’ve probably never seen elsewhere, or which other brands only make once for a fashion season and then retire. Definitely check them out if you like matching your hosiery to your lingerie or to your outfit. 

 View What Katie Did Stockings

Oroblu Hosiery



This popular legwear brand is made in Castel Goffredo, a small area of Italy that’s responsible for one third of the tights sold around the world. So there’s a whole lot of expertise that goes into making its products! 

Oroblu offers great quality for the price, but more than that, it also offers some fun and unusual designs. There’s everything from striking florals through to more unconventional patterns.

View Oroblu Hosiery

Gabriella hosiery


This Polish brand makes its hosiery using some of the most technologically-advanced machinery around, enabling them to create products that are soft to the touch, highly durable, and fit like a glove. 

Their fashion collection tends to focus on fun and contemporary designs – think graphic stripes or faux tattoo effects. They will definitely add some instant ‘cool’ vibes to your look!

View Gabriella Hosiery



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What’s your favourite way to make your legs pop with hosiery – colour, pattern, or both?

by  Estelle Puleston

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