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How to Choose Hosiery for Your Wedding Day

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How to Choose Hosiery for Your Wedding Day

Planning what you will wear on your wedding day can be a wonderful experience. Once you’ve picked out the dress and shoes, it’s time to turn your attention to those finer details that put the finishing touches to your outfit, such as hosiery.

So why choose hosiery for your wedding day? For one, it will make your legs look flawless, which is a major plus if your dress isn’t floor-length. Hosiery also helps to prevent blisters on a day when you’ll be on your feet a lot, and probably in a pair of shoes you’re not used to wearing. 

Here are some tips for selecting the best hosiery to go with your bridal outfit:


What’s your dress style?

If you’re going for a Cinderella-style ball gown, or even just something textured such as beaded lace, you can probably get away with any hosiery style below it. However, if you’ve opted for slinky, bias-cut satin, then the bumps from a suspender belt will show through. The alternatives are hold-ups or tights, with the latter having the added benefit of smoothing out a visible pantyline, plus smoothing your tummy if you choose a sheer-to-waist, control-top pair.

If your wedding dress has a corseted top or is otherwise firm around the waist, it might be a struggle to pull tights up and down with the dress on top. In this case, hold-ups, stockings or open-crotch tights will all make bathroom trips much easier!


Choosing the colour

It goes without saying that many brides choose white or ivory for their wedding lingerie, including hosiery. However, nude hosiery is just as popular. For a barely-there effect that looks more like well-moisturised legs than visible legwear, choose an ultra-sheer style (below around 15 denier) in your skin tone.

Speaking of skin tone colours, be sure to pick the one that most closely matches yours, taking into account any plans you may have for a spray tan. You want your legs to be the same colour as the rest of you, or the result will appear much less natural.

Another traditional option is to make your hosiery your ‘something blue’. Or, throw tradition to the wind and wear a shorter dress with a bold pop of colour on your legs – your wedding outfit can be as unconventional as you are!


Consider your shoes

With closed-toe shoes, anything goes. With sandals however, look for hosiery that says it has seam-free toes and invisible heel reinforcement, so that you won’t have a visible seam running awkwardly across your pedicure.

If your bridal shoes are peep-toes, there’s also a solution specifically for that – open toe hosiery, also known as sandal toe hosiery. It is exactly what it sounds like, hosiery that covers all of the foot except the toe area.


Tips to read before you buy

Once you’ve found your perfect bridal hosiery, here’s some purchasing advice to consider also:

Check the measurements– Hosiery sizes are not at all standardised, so check the size chart (which typically goes by height and weight). If you seem to be between sizes, my personal advice is to choose the larger one. The last thing you want is tights that feel uncomfortably tight and restrictive on your wedding day.

Buy them early – In a similar vein, don’t leave your wedding hosiery until the last minute to buy. Give yourself enough time that you can try it on, and then buy a different size or style if you need to. 

Buy a backupEspeciallyif your legs are going to be on show, it’s always a good idea to bring a spare (you can ask a bridesmaid or friend to keep it in their bag). Despite advances in hosiery durability, there is always some risk of snagging, particularly with the sheerest styles. You’ll be able to relax and just enjoy this special moment more if you know you’ve come prepared for that. 

Still have a question about choosing wedding hosiery? Leave it in the comments section down below.

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by  Estelle Puleston


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